Wisma Unilon

UNILON is a well-established uPVC and HDPE Pipe brand for Indonesian and Southeast Asian Market.

UNILON’s production facility is located in Bantar Gebang – Bekasi, West Java where it incorporates world-class technology in the production lines as well as other supporting equipment. The technologically-advanced European extrusion lines produce high quality uPVC and HDPE pipe to supply the rapidly growing Indonesian infrastructure development and Southeast Asian export markets.

Production capacities come mainly from the world finest extruders engineered by Cincinnati Milacron, Austria, known today as CET (Cincinnati Extrusion Technology). Extruder's sizes range to produce pipes from 20 mm up to 1600 mm of outside diameters. Extruders from CET are proven to be a reliable and efficient production system that enables UNILON to produce fine quality pipes.

Since early of year 2000, European Extruder vendors have entered China and established subsidiaries with local engineers. These collaborations have contributed to the more cost efficient extrusion machineries with comparable reliability and quality. UNILON has applied several units of these extrusions from Fang Li - Graewe Pty. Ltd of Ningbo, China and gained the advantages that CET’s extruders have to offer. With less initial investments of new extrusion machineries, UNILON has achieved more opportunities to expand its capacity to meet the market’s demand.

More machineries and equipment are installed in the factory to support the production process, such as the water chillers that reduce pipe’s temperature when coming out of the extruders to create smooth pipe’s surface, automatic cutting and belling machines that shape the pipes in accordance to the customer’s requirement or standard specifications.