More Products

As industrial demand increases and varies in functions, we step in to anwer some of these challanges. The improvement of material engineering industry has also made it possible for new and customized plastic product innovations.

Unilon Sewage Pipe

Sewage Pipe
A rigid and durable uPVC pipes, suitable for underground sewage piping system. It is a non-corrosive material and has a longer service lifetime. Available in wide range of diameter (6" to 20").

Co-Extruded pipes

Co-Extruded Pipe
A more recent product that we produce is the two-tone pipe varying on the outer and inner walls of the pipe. Colors and sizes are available upon request.

Sediment Filter

Sediment Filter
This PVC material was assembled into a honey-comb like formation to be used in the water filter system to separate dirts and other unwanted materials in the water.

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